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1 Lb Goshen Coffee


We like to keep things simple and focus on quality.   That is why we proudly serve Goshen Coffee.  It was founded in 2002 in Edwardsville, Illinois.  Goshen roasts their carefully selected coffee in a custom-built fluid bed roaster; a unique process that few roasters use. That's why it's different. Because they make it that way. 

We offer three choices:

Medium Roast/Guatemala - SILKY, BROWN SUGAR, RICH.  Butterscotch aroma, soft acidity & full-bodied, a luscious peanut butter fudge taste.

Dark Roast/Bona Fide - BOLD, CHOCOLATE LAYERS, CLASSIC.  Our flagship seasonal blend.

Espresso Blend/Black Dog - LUSCIOUS, COCOA, HONEYED.  A blend of Latin American & Indonesian Coffees.

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